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December 16, 2012
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IL: Demetria by MentiiKunMcMoostache IL: Demetria by MentiiKunMcMoostache
Username : Demetria

Class: Mage- Aura

Gender: Female

Height: 5 '6' (168cm)

Weight: 139lbs (63kg)

Personality: Demetria is practically there to meet chicks and will use obliviousness
just to get close to some. Shes very outgoing and is optimistic overall. She's a cheater and knows all the codes and hacks, but she tries not let anyone know.
+ Manipulative: She tends to use people for the dirty work, or for personal reasons. Sometimes will trick others to get her points, and she will reward them greatly. Never happens tho. Be careful! If she asks you for a certian request, think about it wisely, since it may be a trap.
+ Pervert: Are there any reasons to explain hehe~? Like every other pervert, Demetria is interested in erotinc things, acts and subjects. She will surely not be shy if you strike up a conversation about something perverted or sex related.
+ Intelligent: Behind all that pervyness hides a wise mind. Being intelligent herself, it is impossible to try and manipulate her back, or try to trick her. It'll take extra effort to fool her, because she will see through your plans or whatever you're plotting.

+ Sleeping: Nothing beats a good ol' nap under a tree on the soft green grass. Even better on a bed, comfy bed~.
+ Drinking: Nope, not orange juice... Do not offer her too many drinks, so it may get out of hand.
+ Tea: It's warm and calms her, so why not~?
+ Pudding: Jiggly sweets attrack her. Jelly too! As long as you can have some fun with it while eating.
+ Vegetables: Staying healthy is her number one priority tho! Carrots, broccoli, lettuce... As long as it's full of vitamins, she'll like it.

- Sweets Other Than Pudding: Chocolate bars especially. Like some people, those make her awfully thirsty.
- Shy People: Being a pervert, it may be complicated to comunicate with people who are too shy to talk about things, especially ones that interest her. No need to be shy around Demetria!
-Mean Men: Males who think of themselves "Alpha males" and act all mean, strong and mighty... She is not the fan of that. Please try and be a gentleman.
- Warrior Women: It is unknown if she looks at them with jealously, or as competiotion.
- Spiders: Honestly, many girls are afraid of those 8 legged bugs. Sadly, she is one of them.

Weapon: Air Staff. A staff she uses to summon her mage power and use attacks. It's as long as one of her arms, and easy to carry. Colored purple.

Fight style: She prefers long range fighting where her mage powers are at their best. Being an air mage, it is easy to control the air around the enemy, and use it against them. Her attacks are pretty simple, but very effective. Can get even worse, depends on the enemy... And her mood.

-Levitation: One of her most used abilities. She pushes the air underneath her to lift herself in the air, looking like she's really floating up, but it's just controling the air well.
-Whirlwind: It's very similar to the usual weather phenomenon in which a vortex of wind forms due to instabilities and turbelance created by heating and current gradients. Controling her wind, she is able to pick an enemy up in thhe whirlwind and spin him/her around as much as she'd like. Later, throwing them far away with the air or letting them down and suffer the dizzyness in their head.
-Air whip: It's one of her basic attack, where she creates an invisible whip from the air around her and hits the enemy with it. It could be used for both long and close range battles.
-Fire. She fears it very much. The heat of it, the sting, the brightness of it. So tends to stay away from the fire mages, who might use the fear against her.
-The scar over her back. It's one of her biggest weaknesses. One hit, right in that spot, could knock her out on the spot.

:Additional info:
- Her voice sounds like 96Neko's Because I can [link]
- Butterscotch is cool
- She likes women but her RL player likes Men but is too scared to admit it


revamped Demetria-

so ugly :'D

oki imma go work on last commission now

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0toto Dec 28, 2012  Student Digital Artist
*touches each mole*

I love moles<3333 *i sound so odd saying this but it's true*

hnnng aaaah AUuuuraaaa<333

yaaaaaaaaay ; 7 ; *pets her*
MentiiKunMcMoostache Dec 28, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I'm not joining after all XD;;;
so sorry ;;
0toto Jan 10, 2013  Student Digital Artist
OH whop--are you? or--ahshfd amgd I just pressed YEs *papming*
MentiiKunMcMoostache Jan 10, 2013  Student Digital Artist
LOL i wasnt goin to
but my friend helped me with info so i guess i am? XD
Rae-Nerdy Dec 17, 2012  Student Digital Artist
im sorry sweety ; A ; but there is no past and such
that why we wanted the personality be longer to give us all an better idea

but she is so damn pretty !
MentiiKunMcMoostache Dec 17, 2012  Student Digital Artist
QHQ its fine....i just have an inability to other personalities on my apps that are paragraphs i had frienda write // hit

itz okii
Rae-Nerdy Dec 17, 2012  Student Digital Artist
you could always write it like this

just so is there more writen than 3 words Q A Q
MentiiKunMcMoostache Dec 17, 2012  Student Digital Artist
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